Clusterloop is a game developer based in Jyväskylä, Finland with operations reaching Espoo and Helsinki. It uses Unreal Engine 4 to develop games for modern gaming platforms with a major focus on mobile and VR. Clusterloop is currently working on its first f2p mobile game Medical Force: Overdrive! that will be released for both Apple's iOS and Google's Android systems in sometime in 2018.



A new and unique healthcare game experience,Following the steps of theme hospital but with a major twist to the way hospital games have been played before. Learn about healthcare and have fun while hurdling down sick patients around your hospital with a team of unique characters who will help you in your quest to build the best hospital in the world while you take on the dark corporate overlords who run the world.

The debut release of Clusterloop is being prepared for pre soft-launch!


Clusterloop was established in April 2016 in Jyväskylä by a group of game industry enthusiasts. The founders had a vision for the future to gamify healthcare applications and make games based on that but they soon realized the brute reality of the healthcare industry. They made a pivot and started to focus fully on creating the most extraordinary and inspiring game brands ever. We focus on unique and innovative solutions to create new experiences around our own IP's that have never been seen before like our clickflicker game currently in development Medical Force: Overdrive! that took 2nd place at the Assembly Summer 2017 gamedev compo competition - This is how our story began and now it continues.


We are a small but versatile team of young game industry enthusiasts with a wide range of skills and backgrounds from software development, information technology, digital marketing, art, music, media production and electronic business. With our talented team at the core of our business we can innovate like no other company can, since only our team can do things the way we do them.


Our vision is to create our own unique IP's that offer fun mechanics, educational values and lots of humor providing hours of entertainment to seasoned and new players. We strive to create something that no one has ever done before. We aim to innovate in areas like game mechanics, monetization of free-to-play games and educational values thru humor and fun gameplay.


We believe that a good game works on multiple levels. Its not just about entertainment or having great values. Games are a unique media that can combine aspects from other medias. We believe that a good game should be fun to play, it should be educational, contain unique game mechanics and be able to charm a wide range of gamers of all ages.

A good game should also contain fair monetization methods. Have a solid foundation for business growth and most importantly be a unique and fresh experience with lots of humor. Our team wants to create games like this and that is why we started Clusterloop.


CEO of Clusterloop, Jonas Puuronen


If you would like to know what we are up to you can follow our news blog here. We publish articles about how our development team is doing, what progress we have been making with our releases as well as all our public announcements and press releases. We also publish event coverage from events where we visit and showcase our games.

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