Time to conquer Shanghai


YES, the time has finally come. My long since planned trip to China is about to begin. Originally planned as a holiday trip has since the establishment of Clusterloop turned in to a full-action business trip, tho I will be having some holiday time as well 🙂 My goal for this trip is to find out how our products could fit the Chinese markets and network, network, network. I have many awesome things in store so I hope you tune in to my blogs from time to time.

I will be writing blogs from my trip so anyone interested check back to our websites blog weekly in since I will be in China almost 2 months. I will try to keep it pretty business oriented but I will still add snippets of my daily live here and how doing business in China really feels like as a small new StartUp Entrepreneur. To those of you who may not know me... I'm Jonas the Chief Brand and Marketing Officer of Clusterloop. I have been focused on the Chinese Business of Games for a few years now and I have been traveling to China multiple times already in the past years, tho this will be my first time doing a business trip for a Company. I have also studied multiple Asian cultures so I will try to give you some advice about the cultural aspects of doing business in China as well. So without any more delays and rambling around here's my 1st picture of the trip snapped at the airport in helsinki just before stepping into the plane. This was my first time in the new Finnair A350 so I was exited to see if there finally is enough leg space on the flights as promised.

Well I am glad to say there was and plenty. The new plane does really feel much more spacious than the old ones so +1 point to you Finnair but enough about the plane. As some of you might know I recently, little over 9 months ago had my first child. Well this flight was also her first ever trip outside Finland. We had plenty of space on the flight and the staff was really helpful so if you guys and girls ever think that you cant go on that amazing business trip because you have to take care of your baby at home.. trusts me its not that hard to take your family with you for the trip, you just have to plan thing well.. Its like a golden rule of everything, have a plan before you act right? In my case we will be staying at my wife's family's home so for us it was a natural thing to be prepared for the trip. Our flight to Shanghai took about 9h and everything on the flight went really well, just remember to be prepared and it will all go smooth.

It was finally time to leave Helsinki behind. The weather was sunny and warm so the view from the plane as we took of was pretty awesome. Oh and one more tip to those of you who might be traveling with a baby. There are these ear drops that you can find at the pharmacy that will help with the air pressure when taking of and landing so go get them, they are a lifesaver unless you want your baby to cry during the flight. They will also help adults if you have issues getting used to the cabin pressure so I guess this tip was for anyone with ear issues during a flight.

While most of the flight prepared to sleep I finally had some time to relax. As many of you who know me know, I don't really sleep... one of my bad trades since my mind just works best during the night. I started my "night" with a healthy dose of my personal hero Deadpool (seriously seen the movie like 17 times so far and still loving it), then Continued by Captain America: Civil War and some Slush 2015 talks that I happened to find from the new entertainment system. I have to say I was really positively surprised by the offering since last time I used a Finnair flight to Asia there was nothing good to watch. This time I had more than plenty to last all trip and it was nice to find those Slush talks from 2015. Since I was at Slush last year it was nice to have a recap of some of the best talks of the event and get myself to business mood.

Its Deeeadpooool, flight entertainment in order #BestMovieEver

As we got closer to Shanghai we finally started to see the wonder city from the air. My wife managed to snap me this Amazing picture from the morning foggy Shanghai center. To me Shanghai represents the future in a big way. Coming from Finland, a country that could be said is at the forefront of modern Europe feels almost ancient when compared to Shanghai in China. It is pretty crazy that just 50 years ago this city looked nothing like it looks now.

Starting to land over the Center of Shanghai. Awesome picture from the towers!

As a testament to its awesomeness, I actually forgot to take my computer mouse with me to this trip but no worries since just yesterday night around 23.30 I ordered myself a new wireless mouse with a price of 78¥ delivered, thats about 11€ and the delivery fee was 8¥ out of it so about 1€. Thats pretty insane right, a wireless gaming mouse for 10€ when I have seen this same mouse on sale in Finland for 69€. The Shop I ordered it from was located about 4h from Shanghai and my mouse just arrived here at 10.24 while writing this blog in less than 12h from when I ordered it. How awesome is that.. Just one of the many benefits we in Finland cant even experience currently since anything we order online takes always more than a few days to get sent to you by Posti. PS. If someone is planning a Startup to disrupt the delivery system in Finland let me know I will support you 😀

Wireless Gaming Mouse for 11€ delivered home in less than 12h from order.

Well but that's pretty much it for me as my first blog post from beyond the Great Wall. If anyone is wondering Yes I have a VPN that works in China. I would say most of the time. You can forget all the Free options if you really want to stay connected to the rest of the world from here. The VPN I use is called ExpressVPN, its about 12€ per month but its a must have if you travel here and want to use any form of western internet in a stable way, you have to buy and install it on your devices before traveling here since there is no guarantee you can do it once your here.. most foreign VPN's are completely blocked in China so you have to have them before coming here to make sure you can use them.

I have added a couple pictures from my firsts weekend in China for those interested in seeing how I spend my time here when I'm not working my butt off. Until the next blog, I will be talking more about the plans coming ahead once I manage to set up a few more emails here and confirm some big things to come, so stay tuned and thanks for reading until the end!

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