Clusterloop at Games First Helsinki 2018

Clusterloop will be pitching Medical Force at the Games First Helsinki on 8th of May 2018

For the first time in a long time we are back in the public pitching the new and improved Medical Force! We have been hard at work locked inside our lair developing and planning. Adding more humor, more absurdity, more shenanigans and most importantly multiplayer features! Yes, you heard it here first, Medical Force will be soft launching soon with a player vs. player -mode at its core. Players get to battle for glory in a comedic world hit by an absurd virus that is turning ordinary people sick in ways you can’t even imagine. Build your own hospital, assemble your own team and face the enemy in attack and defence. Will you save the world or try to rule it! the choice is yours.

Games First Helsinki is a great event hosted by Supercell. The developers get to meet fellow devs and pitch their games in a very casual way while listening to great speakers. We actually started our dev journey with Medical Force last year at Games First 17 pitching our very first quick demo with just the core defender mechanic and some fun ideas for an absurd patient throwing game. We have come a long way since then developing the concept and refining its design. We are excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to show you what kind of absurdity we have been cooking!