Time to get re-started!

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Welcome everyone!

It is our pleasure to reveal our plans for 2019 and going forward. We have been working hard preparing to re-launch Clusterloop and its about time 😀

It has been an interesting venture so far that has allowed us to keep learning and getting better on a daily basis but its time to take things to the next level. As you might have noticed our website now contains a lot more information about us and the services we offer. We are still focused on developing our own games but we have made many changes as to the way we approach developing our own game projects. The new services section on the website will always have our latest offerings and deals from time to time so if you or someone you know might be in need 3D, music, business development or full game development services you can contact us fast and easy using our contact page.

As for the content of this website and our social media channels in the future. You can expect to see many blog posts and much more interesting information from us about our games, our takes on the hottest industry topics and all the latest’s information about what services we offer.

Jonas Klar – CEO