Time to up our game!

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Greetings, I’m Jonas the Game Lead and CEO at Clusterloop. It has been a while since we shared some news about what we have been doing lately in public. In the last few months Clusterloop has gone over a dramatic change in the way we operate, look and work in general. It has takes us a few iterations and failures to get things going but even after 3 years we are still kicking and taking on the game industry on our own terms and now its time to start delivering big time!

We took a hard look at the current mobile gaming markets. Looking at experiences and genres that are under represented and maybe completely missing. We also compared things currently trending on consoles, pc and other platforms and discovered that classics games from the 90’s are making a huge comeback.. so we jumped on the opportunity, looked at games like Crash Bash, Mario Party and Micro Maniacs as well as a handful of other great titles and took inspiration from them for our new game.

It is with great excitement that I announce our latest game that the team here has been developing these past few months. Galactic Gladiators, a free-to-play action mobile game. We consider it a love letter to old party game classics from the PlayStation one era but with a modern twist that makes them more suitable and fun for a mobile experience.

Battle mode: Ping Pong Bang

In Galactic Gladiators players use characters of their choosing to battle for victory and glory over a variety of mini-game like modes that are unique and challenge the players in different ways. The session are fast and extremely well suited for the mobile gaming experience and the variety of challenges we have planned for the future will keep the game fresh for a long time. Players also get to earn rewards and find out about the story as they earn points unlocking new challenges, characters and much more.

The theme and premises of Galactic Gladiators is based around a broken Sci-fi inspired world called Thrashalon X , the home of the great galactic reality show “Galactic Gladiators”. The show is hosted by a charismatic Ape who is on a quest to create the best show in the galaxy and you have just become a contender in his show. Using your skills and ingenuity you must battle others to entertain the galaxy and keep the show running smoothly.

Galactic Gladiators will be soft launching soon on the android platform and we hope you will join us in our quest to create the next genre defining mobile game that is fully focused on bringing you great action gameplay to the mobile platforms with exiting meta and story content in a world full of interesting things to explore in nice bite size daily gaming sessions.

Battle mode: Platform Madness

Our big goal with this title is to reinvent this mini-game / party game -style genre for the mobile platforms in a way that allows the game to scale from solo game sessions to local multiplayer and all the way to online multiplayer with social features. We aim for easy accessibility by taking the best parts of a hyper-casual game and combining those aspects with a bigger scope and world that players can enjoy exploring and investing their time into.

I hope you liked our early preview and give us your feedback, ideas and more. Lets take this wild ride in game development together. Join our community by clicking on the “our community” tab in the top right corner.

– Game lead & CEO, Jonas Klar