Our goals are simple: Create the best absurdly comedic and fairly monetized games while nurturing new industry talent for our needs. We believe in young new talent and that games should be focused on fun and the feeling of joy. We see games as interactive experiences where you are in the driving seat and as such we want to create games and a business that respects the player.

Our games are meant for everyone and can be played for free but our target audience is a paying customer who loves the experience we are providing.

– Team of Clusterloop

The Team

People who make things happen

Jonas Puuronen

Game Designer

Antti Natunen

Technical Lead

Mikko Kojola


Antti Väänänen

Lead 3D & 2D artist

Mikael Paananen

3D & Level Design

Samuli Ranta-Nilkku

Technical Designer / Coder

Tomi Ruuska

Sound Designer

Timo-Pekka Linnakoski

Art Intern

Sanni Mäkinen

Art Intern

What is Clusterloop?

Most frequent questions and answers

Clusterloop as a Company?

A modern game company established in 2016 by people passionate about having fun while creating games. Our passion and love for games is what drove us to create a new type of game company focused on new methods of business and nurturing talent for our needs. We want to showcase the creativity of that talent with new business methods and monetization practices that respect the players. Our goal is to be the best place for new talent to start their journey to the industry and hopefully find the rare gems that fit  our team.

Our believes & business practices?

Our games use humor as their driving force of engagement. Studies show that people are willing to pay for a fun and entertaining experience that is why we chose humor and comedy as the core of our games. Our mission is simple: Create the best absurdly comedic and fairly monetized games. Recent changes in the games market have proven that players should be respected and monetization practiced aimed at taking advantage of them are wrong. That is why we use the term fair monetization as proof to the industry that there is a way to do business and respect the players.

Fair monetization?

What do we mean with this term? its something like this: Business practices that are clear and easy to understand for everyone. We do not offer / support pay-to-win gambling practices or advancements that can be acquired with real money. We will never sell direct power since our games are based on the mastery over the metagame and the mechanics. Fair monetization is also free from practices related to gambling on a psychological level since many companies use these gambling world systems and practices to drive gaming addiction in players to boost sales.

Monetization in our games is easy to understand and only related to the following aspects of the game. Ways to “skip the grind” since monetized aka. free-to-play games require some limitations on how fast players can get to the end-game content. Next is cosmetic changes that are a widely accepted and fair way to monetize games. Players can support the developers with their minds at ease. A good example of this type of monetizations is fortnite and how epic games has implemented this method. We also do not support player-to-player trading as this could be abused by 3rd parties.

We believe this type of monetization practices to be fair and that is why they are a core part of our games. We also believe in premium content. This means tournaments and content that cannot be accessed by players who play for free. We do offer occasional access to some of this premium content for free to our free players with the goal of turning them into paying customers. This type of content is unlocked with monthly subscriptions in the game and most importantly this content will never offer any competitive advantages in our games.

Why skip the grind, cosmetic sales and premium content?

Supporting “skip the grind” allows us to keep development going for the game while enabling  us to bringing new content for the games at a steady phase so you will always have something new to enjoy. With good balancing and matchmaking we ensure that the experience in our games won’t suffer weather you choose to select the long road or pay for faster access.

Cosmetic changes are a way for us to let you make your gaming experience more personal. Our vision for the games and their visual style is what our artists have been working hard to bring alive but we understand that sometimes players want to showcase more of their own style, since our games are social in nature. This is why we hope that you voice your opinions and feedback to help us create a more fun experience for you. The selling of skins in our games supports us and gives us the ability to pay for our talented team since gamers today understand that games are not free-to-make and operate even if they are free-to-play. 

Premium content for us means content that is always worth paying. We have put a lot of effort to this content and it is means to enhance the experience for the players. We do offer access to this content for the free players but the content is still means for the most biggest fans for our games. The premium pass of fortnite and the added access to new game modest is a good example of this type of content that we are planning to provide in our games. By supporting this content and giving feedback towards it you can help us to create more content you wish to see in our games. We make the games for your pleasure.

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