Chaos Unleashed

We are about to soft launching a new free-to-play comedy game for mobile platforms based on an absurd original IP full of weird characters and crazy encounters. Players get to build their own hospital in a quest for glory. Defend and attack other player the choice is yours to make!

Will you save the world or try to rule it ?

Getting crazier

Our promise to you the players is to constantly evolve the games based on community feedback and make the games we develop more fun and absurd. We aim to create the best comedy games in the world and having a fun experience while playing our games is the most important thing for us. 

We hope that all of you taking part in the soft launch of our games give us your honest feedback so we can become better as developers and give you a game that plays well and keeps giving you great moments for years to come.

-Team at Clusterloop-


Our games are made for you. We let you the community get involved in the direction our games will be developed early in the life of the game. So join today and share your ideas with the rest of the community.