" Every great team needs strong foundations "

The mission at Clusterloop is to create extraordinary games with the potential to redefine gaming genres. Our core believe is that by empowering our team with the freedom to innovate with engaging gameplay, we will be able to produce games that are innovative, profitable and played by millions of players.

By using the latest data from the market as well as examining competitors, we frame assumptions around our teams vision of a game that has untapped market potential. We then benchmark our designs and prototype our gameplay to verify the underlying potential of our game. We believe in making well designed games that scale based on player feedback and aim to bring revolutionary new fun gameplay experiences to anyone looking for something a little more extraordinary.

" In order to build a great team, we had to do it the hard way "

It is often said that in order to build the best teams studios have to get the best and most suitable people before they have a chance to produce genre defining hit games. A group of passionate upcoming developers set out to do that in 2016.

Every game developer started from somewhere. Clusterloop was established, game productions started, things happened and as the years went by we learned that it was not that easy to get started as new entrepreneurs running a new game studio from a small city while being 100% focused on producing our own games. As we kept learning, growing and experimenting we finally got to a point in 2019 where we felt we had managed to form a great team that works together. A team that has made mistakes that break weaker teams and learned to overcome them. Most importantly we believe that we have unlocked the potential to succeed in our vision to build fun and extraordinary games. 

For us this meant some years to build up our development processes, improve our communication, increase our efficiency and improve the quality of our output in all areas of game development, marketing and working together as a team.

" We have been there and done that, its time to look ahead "

When we first started we believed we knew things well enough to take on this industry but it has taken us multiple projects, a lot of rethinking and most importantly time to finally find our way of doing things. Of course many things have changed since we got started because of that journey. As a team we have had disagreements and different goals but by learning from those experiences we eventually started to understand what it really meant for this team to build games together. Our goal has always been to put the team ahead of anything else not risk the culture that has made this team so great over the years. Because of that history and those experiences we have a much deeper understanding of what this team is really about and how we can manage to use our expertise to keep the focus on whats important and best for the teams development.

The group that started on this journey had the motivation, drive and passion to become something great already back in 2016 but we admit with no shame that we lacked many things needed to build a successful game studio. Giving into external pressures to guide your way was something we did too much and now years and many game projects later we believe to have finally gained the required confidence, experience and a few industry secrets to turn Clusterloop into a success story. For that reason we started working on re-launching Clusterloop during 2019 with a new mission and vision based on our core believes and validated everything by the member of our team so that they represent more than just a few quick marketing slogans. Our new branding is meant to show that we are finally ready to do serious business and most importantly that we are moving forward with a solid core team. Build on year long foundations of working and learning together that can’t be broken easily by many of the challenges new teams have to overcome, who haven’t yet put in the time and effort of testing things out. We believe that to be our core advantage to take Clusterloop to the next level and we are brutally honest and realistic about it.

" Learning by doing has been our way since the beginning "

We would like extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped us find our direction. Honest and constructive feedback is a rare commodity in today’s world. Thanks to it we have grown as game developers and it has been truly one of the greatest gifts that has shaped us into who we are today. So maybe share our story and thank you for the attention and reading about our story so far.